About Sites

Written by Paul Vecchiato

Last published at: July 22nd, 2020

About sites

The Sites module allows you to create simple web pages using a Viostream template for distributing channels or live events.

Depending upon your account the Sites module may or may not be enabled. If you do not see the sites module and would like to know more about it, please contact your Client Services Manager.

You can create two types of sites:

  • Media portal sites - used to display multiple videos in a channel or series of channels
  • Event sites - used for live and on-demand events such as webcasts

You can create multiple sites for different purposes, and customise the look, feel and layout. Each site consists of widgets which display your content.  An example media portal site is shown here, with each widget labelled.

The following widgets make up the various site templates.

Type Widget Purpose
Media Portal/Event Player This is where the player is located. You can customise the size, appearance and behaviour of the Player widget.
Media Portal Playlist This is where videos in the viewer's playlist display. You can control whether the playlist is displayed by default.
Media Portal

Media list

This is where all videos in the selected channel display. Your viewer can add videos to their playlist from the media list. You can customise the content and appearance of the media list.
Media Portal Now playing This is where the title and description of the current video display. You can control whether the Now playing and Comments tabs display.
Event Header This is where the title of your live event displays. You can add an image to the background and change the text of the title.
Event Player and Event Summary This is where your live or on-demand video player displays. You can customise the player and also enter information such as Title, Duration, Date and Presenter.
Event Event Information This is where your slides and downloads display. You can control whether the current slide or downloads display.
Event Slides This is where your slide deck displays. You can control whether the slide deck displays by default.