Managing site comments

Written by Paul Vecchiato

Last published at: July 22nd, 2020

You have the option to add either Viostream comments or Yammer comments to a Sites template.

Viewers are able to add Yammer comments while watching a video and without having to log in separately to another system.

Enabling Comments

  1. Go to Sites Details page
  2. Click Design to display the Design panel
  3. Click on Pages
  4. Go to either a Media or Channel page.

If on the Media page:

  1. Select Edit in the comment area
  2. Choose the Viostream or Yammer comment option
  3. Then go to the Publish tab and click Publish.

If on the Channel page:

  1. Select Edit in the Now Playing area
  2. Select the Comments checkbox to enable the comments area in the Now Playing section
  3. Edit the Comments area
  4. Choose the Viostream or Yammer comment option
  5. Then go to the Publish tab and click Publish.

Moderation of Viostream comments

To automatically approve Viostream comments (no moderation):

  1. Go to the Sites list
  2. Click the Title of a site
  3. Select DETAILS tab
  4. Click Automatically Approve Comments
  5. Click Update.

To manage Viostream comments on a site:

  1. Go to the Sites list
  2. Click the Title of a site
  3. Select Comments tab (pending comments will be displayed with the associated media asset).
  4. Click the Approve button to approve the comment
  5. Sort the comments from the options Pending, Reported and Approved.

To delete a Viostream comment:

  1. Click the delete button in front of the comment to remove it from the site
Administrators are now notified in the comments tab whenever a member adds a new comment.