Managing site registered viewers

Written by Paul Vecchiato

Last published at: July 22nd, 2020

To manage registered viewers on a site, you can:

Viewing and sorting registered viewers

  1. Go to the Sites list
  2. Click the Title of a site
  3. Select Registered viewers tab to display a list of active registered viewers
  4. Sort registered viewers by selecting their status on the top, right hand corner:
    • Active
    • Moderated
    • Rejected
    • Pending
    • Suspended

Updating a registered viewer's status and details

To set status of a registered viewer:

  1. Click the name of a registered viewer
  2. Registered viewer details will be displayed
  3. Select status from the Status drop-down
  4. Make desired changes in the User name and Name fields
  5. Click Update to save and apply changes
  6. Click cancel to cancel the changes.  

Moderating new registered viewers

To enable registered viewer moderation on  a site:

  1. Go to the Sites list
  2. Click Design
  3. Click Settings
  4. Enable Requires Login
  5. Select Moderate Registrations
  6. Click Update to save the changes.

To moderate newly registered viewers:

  1. Go to the Sites list
  2. Click the title of the site to open the console
  3. Select the Registered viewers tab to display newly registered viewers under the Moderated tab
  4. Select Moderated to view new registrations under moderated registered viewers list
  5. Click the name of the registered viewer.
As an admin, you cannot change the email address of the registered viewer.

You can change the name of the registered viewer if it does not comply with your content policies. Select Approve or Reject to approve or reject the selected viewer.

Exporting a Registered Viewers List

  1. Go to the Sites list
  2. Click the title of the site to open the console
  3. Select the Registered viewers tab
  4. Select a tab from where you want to export the registered viewers list to display the list below the selected tab
  5. Click Csv export at the bottom of the list to download the list to your PC.

Resetting a site password

A site registered viewer can reset or recover a password from the site login page, if they forgot their password or entered the wrong password. To recover a password:

  1. Click Forgot your password link?
  2. Enter your registered user name
  3. Click Send.
    When the link is clicked, a password reset email message is sent to your registered email address.
  4. Follow the email prompts to reset your password.

Registered Viewers Activity log

The following activities are logged for each registered viewer

  • Log in
  • Log in failed
  • Log out
  • Access channel
  • Media play
  • Media complete

To view activities for each registered viewer:

  1. Click on the Registered viewers tab
  2. Click on the name of the registered viewer for which you want to track activity
  3. Click on the Activity log tab to view and export the viewer's activity.