Publishing and viewing your site

Written by Paul Vecchiato

Last published at: July 22nd, 2020

Your site is not visible to viewers until it is published. When you create a new site its status is New.

To publish your site:

  1. Select SITES from the top menu
  2. Click Design next to the site you wish to preview
  3. Click Publish to display a message confirming that the site has been published.

*N.B. You must add content such as a media asset or collection to the site before publishing, otherwise nothing will display when you publish.

Your site is now visible.

To access the URL for your site:

  1. Return to the Sites list
  2. Click the site title to display a thumbnail preview and URL.
Your site is not visible until it has a status of Published.

Searching for media assets in a channel site

You can enter a keyword into the search box to find a media asset by its title or description.

To search a media asset in a channel site:

  1. Go to a published site
  2. Enter a keyword in the search box
  3. Press enter to return the search results.