Customizing Channels

Brand your Channel to represent your organization

Channels can be customized and branded to suit your organization’s needs. Both Simple and Gallery Templates can be customized with brand colors, logos and links.

  1. Click into an existing Template from your Channels library.
  2. You will be taken to the Dashboard. From here either select the Design tab at the top of the Dashboard. The Design page will showcase how your Channel Template will look on a desktop or mobile.
  3. Before customization, you can switch your Channel between templates by clicking Switch Template and selecting your desired layout.
  4. Click Customize on the bottom right.
  5. A new page will open up with the customization options listed on the left. Swap between screen layouts by clicking on the Desktop or Mobile icon at the top of the display.
  6. To change the logo, select the Browse tab on the left and click Replace Logo. Browse your device for your desired logo.
  7. Click the Player tab on the left to customize the player color of your Channel. Click the color swatch and either pick your desired color with the color picker or paste in your desired hex value.
  8. To change the font displayed on the Channel, click the Font tab on the left. Choose your desired Font Family and Font Size by clicking the relevant fields.
  9. Click Footer to add footer text and links at the bottom of your Channel.
  10. Select Change your footer content… to add a footer summary.
  11. Underneath, click Add link and then paste your link in the top field and then add the display text of your link.
  12. Click Save Changes at the top right to publish your customization options to your Channel.

Edit existing customization options by repeating the above steps on your desired Channel.

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