Calls To Action

Link your content by making your videos more interactive

You have the ability to create “pop-up” windows within your videos that hold text or images that can link to another URL when selected. Within Viostream, these are referred to as Calls To Action

Use these links to point viewers to particular pages that you would like to direct traffic to. Time this with a relevant moment in one of your videos, and these can be very effective.

Creating Calls To Action

  1. From the Media Library, locate the Media Asset you wish to tag and click on its Title
  2. Click the Calls To Action tab
  3. Click the Add button to bring up the options
  4. Configure your desired options and click Add

Chapters creation option form

Calls to Action options

  1. Position dictates which area of the Player the Call To Action will appear
  2. Start/End timecodes control when the Call To Action will appear
  3. Paste your URL into the Link box to link your Call To Action
  4. Select Image or Text only
    • Text only: type your desired text and click Add
    • Image: click on the blank white square and upload your image. Add in Alt Text to give a description of the image for greater accessibility