Manage restriction profiles

Written by Luisa Miranda

Last published at: October 8th, 2021

Viostream offers Professional and Enterprise customers a range of methods to ensure that your Media Assets are only available to authorized viewers. Depending on your requirements, one or a combination of methods may be used to secure your media.

Restriction Profiles can be created and managed by Admin users and are accessed via the Restriction Profiles tab in the administration section.


To get started, click the Add button, give your restriction profile a title (note: this cannot be changed), select a restriction type and click Continue. More information on the different restriction types is below.

IP Whitelists

IP Whitelists are useful for locking down access to videos to a particular corporate network. This is helpful when your employees are accessing videos both physically from within your office, or remotely when connected via a VPN. Note that using a VPN to access videos via a corporate network will increase the amount of traffic on your corporate gateway, so you may wish to consult with your IT department when using this option.

IP addresses are added in ranges - to add a single address simply enter it into the start and end of the range and click Add.

Domain Whitelists

Domain Whitelists are useful for restricting the websites on which your Media Assets can be embedded. For example, all of Viostream's help videos are restricted to - if you tried to copy the embed code and host one on your corporate website, it would be blocked!

This can be helpful for restricting your content to behind an authentication wall - for example your intranet - enabling your IT department to have full control over Media access.

To add a domain to a Domain Whitelist, simply type the whole domain (excluding the https://) into the form and click Add.

Support for wildcard domains (e.g. * is coming soon.

Country Whitelists

Country Whitelists are helpful for allowing access to viewers only from a certain country.

To add a country to a Country Whitelist, simply select it from the dropdown and click Add.

Active Directory Group Whitelists

Active Directory Group Whitelists work in conjunction with Sites and Events to restrict your content to certain groups within an organisation, controlled by your IT department. When SSO is enabled on a Site or Event, these Whitelists can be applied.

To add a group to an Active Directory Group Whitelist, simply type the format <domain>\<group> into the form and click Add.

Default profile

Any single profile can be selected as the default profile by clicking the Set as the default profile button. All Media Assets will have the current default profile applied at the time of upload.

Applying restrictions

Restriction profiles can be applied to Media, Sites and Events by clicking on the Access tab.