Release Notes

Video Overlays and Branching

Our CTAs have gone through a huge update and are now referred to as Overlays. Let's take a look at all the benefits that Overlays now provide.
Improvement New Feature

Transcript download improvements

Sometimes strange characters can cause issues when downloading transcripts from the player. This latest update has rectified how Viostream handles non-ASCII characters.

Event logout button

Viostream Event pages allow viewers to register their emails to log in and watch a stream. Importantly, once logged in, the viewer must also be able to logout easily.

CTA and Chapter Timeline Enhancements

Viostream's Media Timeline has recently been updated to both provide a smoother feel and to improve user experience. You should now notice that creating Chapters and Calls To Action (CTAs) will feel a whole lot easier.

Chapter and Overlay Improvements

Creating Chapters and Overlays with our new engagement timeline is as simple as a click. This release contains improvements to the responsiveness of the Overlay edit window.

My Media filter

My Media is a great way to jump straight to your own videos - especially for workspaces that have several active users. With My Media, you can see all of the videos you have uploaded to Viostream
New Feature Library UX

Password Protect your videos

Assign a simple password to your videos when sharing. Viewers will need to submit the correct password in order to view the content. All you have to do is share the password around, and you have some basic video security that's perfect for trusted colleague networks
New Feature Security

Upload from Cloud Storage Providers

Viostream now has multiple uploading options from the Media library. Upload from either your device or by linking your preferred cloud storage or directly from your device.
New Feature Improvement

Upload from Cloud Storage Providers

Viostream now has multiple uploading options from the Media library. Upload from either your device or by linking your preferred cloud storage.
New Feature Improvement

Global Player Performance Update

The Viostream player has been updated to be faster globally while retaining Viostream's world class accessibility functionality.
New Feature Player

New Media Library

The media library has undergone some UI changes to promote easier navigation and more information directly on the main page.

Our Next Generation Player

Viostream's Next Generation Player is now live and available to all users
New Feature Player

A new look and feel and great UX

Viostream's new UI is now available for all to try! We have worked hard to bring you a UI that uses more of the screen and allows you to perform your tasks in a clear and easy manner
Improvement UX

Internet Explorer 11 Support Removed

In line with Microsoft removing all support for Internet Explorer 11 we are removing support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) from the Viostream Console application
Removed Security

Mutli Factor Authentication

Allow users to use multi-factor authentication on their Viostream user accounts
New Feature Security

Media Library UX Improvements

Allow our customers even more ways to manage their ever increasing Media Library
Improvement Library UX

September Updates

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