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Feature: My Media

Library Media

Back by popular demand! Following feedback from our customers, we have revamped the My Media filter and given it a new home in your Library.

My Media is a great way to jump straight to your own videos - especially for workspaces that have several active users. With My Media, you can see all of the videos you have uploaded to Viostream, and click straight through to share the video or view your reports.

Combined with the Folders feature, My Media can also help you to quickly organize and discover your assets - we’ll show you exactly where each video is stored at a glance. To reorganize your videos, simply select them and you can move them to a different folder in bulk.

Other UX enhancements

As well as the My Media filter, this latest release is chock full of minor UX improvements that make managing your Viostream account easier than ever. If you would like a demonstration of all the latest updates, please reach out to Customer Success via the live chat feature.

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Feature: Password Protection


This new update allows you to assign a simple password to your videos when sharing. Viewers will need to submit the correct password in order to view the content. All you have to do is share the password around, and you have some basic video security that’s perfect for trusted colleague networks.

Who is this release for?

We have had a few requests for this feature in particular over the last couple years, so we’re proud to present this update to these loyal customers, and of course to everyone else on Viostream who would benefit from some simple security.

This release is for those who don’t need the robust security that Viostream’s advanced audience controls provide, but would still like to gate-keep content to authorized viewers. This is particularly useful for internal communications, or for sharing videos between companies who don’t share a common authentication system.

How do I set this up?

All you have to do is click the Share button from the Media Library. From the new window that appears, select Change which you can find in the Audience section. A dialogue box will appear under some text that says “Add a password for this Media”. Simply type in your desired password and select Add. Click Save Changes to make the password restriction live on that video.

Don’t forget that password! You will need to share it with whoever will be watching the video. If you forget the password, you can navigate back to this window and change it.

Is there anything else I should know?

Password protection is a quick and easy form of password security, but if you want to use a deeper and more robust security system, take a look at how Viostream utilizes Restriction Profiles as part of our advanced audience controls. If you get stuck or would like to ask any questions, reach out to Customer Success through Viostream’s live chat!

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Feature: Next Generation Player


Viostream’s Next Generation Player is now live and available to all users. The update to the Player has the following benefits:

  • Increase the loading speed of Players globally
  • Enable new features, like playback speed control & social sharing
  • Enable easier future integrations (such as Google Tag Manager or Adobe Analytics)
  • Improved channel embeds (video playlists)
  • Improved & easier to use Player customization

You can read more about the new Player here

Who is this release for?

All users who have created a custom Player previously. Initially, nothing with change with your video playback until you create a new Player or upgrade your existing Players. If you have Publisher access you will be able to create or preview a new Player the next time you login to Viostream. The new Player is an update that will benefit all of your viewers, providing a faster, more modern Player.

How do I set this up?

Any new Player from today onwards will be created as a Next Generation Player.

To Upgrade your old Players, simply navigate to your existing Players. You will see your that old Players are Ready for Upgrade. If you click through on these Players they will present you with information regarding the recent usage of these Players. Also, you will be able to Preview the upgraded Player side by side with the old Player.

If you are happy to proceed, simply click on ‘Upgrade Player’ and that’s it. No updating of embed codes on websites required.

We have created a help guide on upgrading Players here

Is there anything else I should know?

Both the old and new Players will exist in tandem for a little while longer. In a future release we will be removing the old Player. But before we do that, our Customer Success team will be on hand to answer any questions about upgrading your old Players.

Any feedback please submit through our Live Chat feature or directly on our Product Portal.

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Feature: New UI

Viostream’s new UI is now available for all to try! We have worked hard to bring you a UI that uses more of the screen and allows you to perform your tasks in a clear and easy manner.

Also, it sets us up for a bright future of updates that will blow you away!

Who is this release for?

All users can access the Viostream new UI. It is an update that benefits all users.

How do I set this up?

Simply access your user menu, which you can find in the top right hand corner of the Viostream application (hint, its where your name is).

Inside this menu you will see a Try the New UI link. Clicking this will activate the new UI.

Is there anything else I should know?

Both the new UI and old UI will be available for a little while longer. In a future release we will be removing the old UI. If you have any questions around this please contact our Customer Success team.

Any feedback please submit through our Live Chat feature or directly on our Product Portal.

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Internet Explorer 11 Support Removed

In line with Microsoft removing all support for Internet Explorer 11 and Viostream’s Browser Support Policy we are removing support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) from the Viostream Console application.

Users who attempt to login to Viostream with IE11 with be presented with an Unsupported Browser message. See image below:

Screenshot of browser not supported message

If you have any questions regarding this please contact Customer Success through the in-app live chat.

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Feature: Mutli Factor Authentication


Allow users to use multi-factor authentication on their Viostream user accounts. We support any Time-based One-time-Password (TOTP) applications such as:

  • Google Authenticator
  • Authy
  • Microsoft Authenticator
  • LastPass Authenticator

Who is this release for?

The release is relevant to all Viostream users who want an extra layer of security for their Viostream account. The exception is for those who login via SSO. SSO users’ MFA is controlled by your SSO provider

How do I set this up?

MFA is controlled within your user settings menu. Which can be accessed by clicking on the icon in the top right hand corner. From there it is a familiar workflow of using a QR Code with your favorite authenticator application on your personal device.

Read the full guide here

Is there anything else I should know?

MFA is an excellent extra layer of security for your personal Viostream account which will definitely make your security team extremely happy. The question with MFA always is “What happens if I lose my device?” or “What happens if my device breaks?”

In both circumstances simply contact Viostream support and we can assist you with this.

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Feature: Single Sign-on


Single Sign-on(SSO) allows your organization to connect their corporate login seamlessly to Viostream. No more separate username and password! As long as your organization uses a OpenID / SAML supported login (e.g. Azure AD, Google, Ping Federate, Okta).

Who is this release for?

This release is relevant to all Viostream users, but primarily account admins or owners will be most interested. To enable SSO you must be an administrator of your Viostream account and have access to your SSO solution to set it up.

How do I set this up?

As mentioned you must be an account administrator of your Viostream account. SSO is an account wide setting and will therefore be found in the ‘Account Management’. To enable SSO please click ‘Enable SSO’ in the ‘Users’ section. Once this form is filled out our Customer Success team will be in contact to assist you in completing the SSO setup.

You can find the full guide here.

Anything else I should know?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is also supported through your SSO provider when it is enabled. All security parameters from your SSO provider will be acknowledged.

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Update: Media Library UX Improvements


In order to allow our customers even more ways to manage their ever increasing Media Library, we have made the following updates:

  • Improved filtering, allowing you to:
    • Filter by one or more channels
    • Filter by one or more tags
    • Filter by ‘your’ media. (media you have uploaded).
    • All filters are saved until you remove them
  • Improved media selection and actions
    • Add to channel
    • Add to tag
    • Delete
  • Direct link from the Media Library to reporting on that media

If you have any feedback on this update please email

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Update: Disable all flash usage in Viostream Player


As Flash is becoming end of life on December 31st 2020 we will be removing the use of Flash in the Viostream Player. The flash fallback was only used when a user viewed a Viostream player with Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 11.

Videos will still work for these users, they will simply not be using Flash to view the video any longer.

If you have any questions please contact your account manager.

September Updates

Captions Viewers Media


  • Better messaging for ordering captions with different service levels

  • Better handling of same registered viewer when registration type is changed from Viostream to SSO


  • Media detail report filter by location causes error

  • Unsaved Changes message appearing on media detail when no changes made

  • Hover text missing on some info icons

  • 360 videos not transcoding properly

Update: August Updates


  • Sites editor: User logout menu icon now uses the same color as text. Allowing for better accessibility.

  • Region Reporting, allowing users to easily filter their reports to a country to view regions


  • Performance improvement on Preview charts

  • Improved SAML claim parsing for SSO implementations

  • Better handling of video/channel url redirects after SSO Login

  • Media detail report now includes the total number of Unique plays on both the screen and PDF export.


  • Resolved update a channel description on IE11 problem

  • Resolved error on CSV Export of Account level Audit Logs

  • Fixed incorrect date format on some reporting charts

Update: July Updates


  • Automated Captions service level can now be different per sub-account.
    Allowing you do consume captions credits at different rates as necessary

  • Add support for Custom Names for Related Documents in Event templates


  • Improved UX around adding Related documents to Event templates. Better messaging when restricted file types are attempted to be uploaded


  • Fix move media button in new UI - Add Move media button into the More menu on media details

  • Social syndication - Uploading button not working

  • Resend Activation email error

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