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Password Protect your videos

New Feature Security
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This new update allows you to assign a simple password to your videos when sharing. Viewers will need to submit the correct password in order to view the content. All you have to do is share the password around, and you have some basic video security that’s perfect for trusted colleague networks.

Who is this release for?

We have had a few requests for this feature in particular over the last couple years, so we’re proud to present this update to these loyal customers, and of course to everyone else on Viostream who would benefit from some simple security.

This release is for those who don’t need the robust security that Viostream’s advanced audience controls provide, but would still like to gate-keep content to authorized viewers. This is particularly useful for internal communications, or for sharing videos between companies who don’t share a common authentication system.

How do I set this up?

All you have to do is click the Share button from the Library. From the new window that appears, select Change which you can find in the Audience section. A dialogue box will appear under some text that says “Add a password for this Media”. Simply type in your desired password and select Add. Click Save Changes to make the password restriction live on that video.

Don’t forget that password! You will need to share it with whoever will be watching the video. If you forget the password, you can navigate back to this window and change it.

Is there anything else I should know?

Password protection is a quick and easy form of password security, but if you want to use a deeper and more robust security system, take a look at how Viostream utilizes Restriction Profiles as part of our advanced audience controls. If you get stuck or would like to ask any questions, reach out to Customer Success through Viostream’s live chat!

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