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Chapter and Overlay Improvements

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The new media timeline allows faster and easier creation and editing for our Chapters and Overlays than the previous system could allow. We are dedicated to ongoing development of the platform to continually improve our features for you, which is why we have re-visited the timeline for our latest update.

What has been improved?

Here are some highlights of the changes made in this update:

  • Text field editing experience has been streamlined
  • Information popover now appears over Chapter/Overlays, giving a quick summary
  • Saving indicator introduced
  • Overlay image upload improved

To infinity and beyond 🚀

Viostream’s product team is always looking for ways to improve the platform to best suite your needs. If you have any further feedback or feature suggestions on the media timeline or any other feature, please send them over to our Customer Success team through the live chat.

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CTA and Chapter Timeline Enhancements

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