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Video Overlays and Branching

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CTAs have provided interactive elements to video hosted on Viostream for a while; now Overlays boost your video interactivity to new heights

What has been improved?

The first significant improvement was to make creating multiple Overlays easier and more effective. The Media Timeline now supports stacking overlays by simply dragging an Overlay block and moving it up or down. This is the perfect tool to help you create branching choices in your video series.

Additionally we have also added in new choices as to how your links function. Before this update, clicking a CTA would open a new tab to whatever address you assigned to it. Now, Overlays give you a choice of submitting a web address, or you can choose an existing video from your Library. Selecting Media for an Overlay will load a new video on the current page, replacing the existing video you were watching. This is a great feature to create seamless linking between videos and provides an extra dynamic when building a video series.

To infinity and beyond 🚀

Viostream’s product team is always looking for ways to improve the platform to best suite your needs. If you have any further feedback or feature suggestions on the media timeline or any other feature, please send them over to our Customer Success team through the live chat.

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