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Feature: Next Generation Player

Viostream’s Next Generation Player is now live and available to all users. The update to the Player has the following benefits:

  • Increase the loading speed of Players globally
  • Enable new features, like playback speed control & social sharing
  • Enable easier future integrations (such as Google Tag Manager or Adobe Analytics)
  • Improved channel embeds (video playlists)
  • Improved & easier to use Player customization

You can read more about the new Player here

Who is this release for?

All users who have created a custom Player previously. Initially, nothing with change with your video playback until you create a new Player or upgrade your existing Players. If you have Publisher access you will be able to create or preview a new Player the next time you login to Viostream. The new Player is an update that will benefit all of your viewers, providing a faster, more modern Player.

How do I set this up?

Any new Player from today onwards will be created as a Next Generation Player.

To Upgrade your old Players, simply navigate to your existing Players. You will see your that old Players are Ready for Upgrade. If you click through on these Players they will present you with information regarding the recent usage of these Players. Also, you will be able to Preview the upgraded Player side by side with the old Player.

If you are happy to proceed, simply click on ‘Upgrade Player’ and that’s it. No updating of embed codes on websites required.

We have created a help guide on upgrading Players here

Is there anything else I should know?

Both the old and new Players will exist in tandem for a little while longer. In a future release we will be removing the old Player. But before we do that, our Customer Success team will be on hand to answer any questions about upgrading your old Players.

Any feedback please submit through our Live Chat feature or directly on our Product Portal.

Feature: New UI

Feature: Password Protection

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