Searching your Media

Easily navigate your way through a busy Library

When you have been uploading videos for a while, your Library will be spread over multiple pages and you will need a way to efficiently sift through all the content.

In order to mitigate this hassle, Viostream has provided a multitude of different search options for your convenience.

Within the Library, your videos will be listed with some basic information displayed alongside the video’s thumbnail and title. One of these pieces of information is a string of random numbers and letters; this is that video’s Public Key.

A Public Key is a unique identifier that is given to each individual Media Asset. These, as well as the video’s title, can be searched in the Library.

Screenshot of the Media search bar

Not only can you search individual Media, but you can select a group by using the Filter option.

With the Filter located in the top left of the Library, you can filter to see only the videos either uploaded by the current user, by videos included in selectable Channels, or by user created Tags.

Any number of Tags can be created within the video details page. Simply type a word or a string of characters, and hit enter. This will generate a new Tag that can be assigned to a multitude of videos, which in turn allows the filtering in the Library to be far more effective. A great use for this would be to tag a specific video series or style with its own designated Tag, and then you can search for just those particular videos with the Filter.

Screenshot of the Media Detail form