Setting up Restriction Profiles

Available for Viostream plans: Professional Business Team

Available for these roles: Admin

Learn about Restriction Profiles and how to create them to secure your videos

The security of your assets is our priority. Viostream works with technologies to provide the best protection for our clients’ Media, such as access controls and encryption applied to all Media uploaded.

Adding to that, Viostream offers features that enable the user to determine who can access the Media. It gives all the control to you when using Viostream to reach the right audience for your Media.

Restriction Profiles can be added to Media (Live on On-Demand), Sites, Events and Embeds. Read below the different types of protection Viostream offers.

  • Restriction Profile - Restriction Profile is the name given to a group of restrictions created in Viostream. Restriction Profiles can protect Media with IP Range Whitelists, Domain Whitelists and Country Whitelists
  • IP Range Whitelist - restricts playback to listed IP addresses
  • Domain Whitelist - restricts embeds to listed domains
  • Country Whitelist - restricts playback to listed countries

Creating Restriction Profiles

  1. Navigate to the Account Management page.
  2. On the left menu, click on Restriction Profiles, and click + Add button, on the top right of the page.
  3. In the modal displayed, add a title for the restriction, select the type of restriction to apply and click on the Continue button.
  4. On the following page, add your restrictions.
  5. Click the Close button when you are finished.

Applying Restriction Profiles to Media

  1. From the Library, locate the Media Asset you wish to restrict and click on its title
  2. Click the Access tab
  3. Select a Restriction Profile
  4. Click Save.

Applying Restriction Profiles to Sites

  1. From the Sites Library, locate the Site you wish to restrict and click on its title
  2. A page will open with a section called Site Details. Select Edit on the right side of this container
  3. Select a Restriction Profile from the dropdown next to Access
  4. Click Save.

Applying Restriction Profiles to Events

  1. From the Events Library, locate the Event you wish to restrict and click on its title
  2. Navigate to and click the Access tab on the left
  3. There will be two options on this new page; Enable Restriction Profile and Enable Viewer Registration
  4. For this guide, toggle on Enable Restriction Profile
  5. Select your desired profile from the dropdown
  6. Click Save.

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