Setting Up SSO for your users

Available for Viostream plans: Enterprise Business

Learn how to implement single sign-on with Viostream

Viostream provides an integration to external identity providers for SAMLv2 and OpenID Connect. Please note that the following instructions are generic - please consult your identity provider documentation on how to execute each step or contact Customer Success for assistance.

Step 1: Create application

To set up the integration, create a new SAML application in your identity provider.

For the redirect URI (sometimes called callback URL), enter

Step 2: Add scopes

Add the open ID scope to the optional claims (or add claims for name and email and let us know what they are called).

Step 3: Generate credentials

Generate a client ID and keep it secret, these must be secure.

Step 4: Fill out Viostream SSO form

Navigate to ‘Manage this Account’ via the user menu. In the users list you will find the ‘Enable SSO’ Button as shown in the image below

Animation detailing the process to enable SSO

If you require any further assistance with this please contact

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