Introducing the Viostream Player

Here are the things you can expect when playing your video content

Viostream’s next-generation Player brings a raft of enhancements, improved accessibility, increased speed with a modern look and feel.

Key Features

We have carefully configured our default Player so that you get a clean and uncluttered playback experience, allowing viewers to focus on your video content.

Built for speed

Designed from the ground up with performance in mind, Viostream’s next-generation Player delivers 40% faster load times on average.

Clean look

A new slim, full width progress bar takes up less of your video’s real estate whilst allowing easier control with more precise seeking on desktop and mobile. A transparent control bar and white icons round off the aesthetic the propel the new Player into modernity.

Video Quality Selector

Allow your viewers to choose the video quality from all the available options on the video. Don’t worry, it will automatically select the best possible quality by default. You can choose to hide the Quality Selector as well.

Volume control

Simple volume control allows you to set your desired volume or mute the video if you wish.

Full screen control

Allows your viewers to experience the full benefit of their high definition devices by viewing your videos in full screen mode.

Closed Caption control

Toggle Captions on and off depending on your preference. Available if captions have been added to your video, either manually or through using our premium Captions or automated Captions service.

Chapter controls

Three flexible Chapter modes allow you to present Chapters the way you want.

  • Progress bar (default) - seamlessly display Chapters within the progress bar of the Player.
  • Drop down menu - display the name of each Chapter in a drop down menu below the Player.
  • Horizontal tabs - each Chapter is displayed in a compact tab below the Player.

Chapter controls are available for videos to which you have added Chapters.


A new inline playlist shows the upcoming videos and their thumbnails. Once a video finishes, the next video in the Channel is automatically loaded and played. Available for Channel embeds only.

Branding and styles

Make the Player your own by applying a custom color scheme to the icons and control bar.

Display video title

You can optionally enable the display of the video title in the Player while paused.

Playback Speed Selector

You can optionally add a playback Speed Selector, allowing viewers to choose between 0.5x, 1x, 1.5x and 2x playback speed. This function is particularly useful for training videos where users can choose to digest the content at their own pace.

Social sharing icons

You can optionally display social sharing icons for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Transcript downloads

For videos that have a Transcript uploaded, you can optionally display a download Transcript button in the Player.

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