Platform Overview

A quick introduction to Viostream

So you’ve just logged into Viostream for the first time and you see the navigation tabs on the left… Now what?

This guide will provide a brief explanation of each main area of Viostream and what you can expect going into them.

With this foundational knowledge of the core features within the platform, you’ll become a Viostream expert in no time!


This tab acts as the homepage of your Viostream account when you first log in. Think of it as your bread and butter library where you can upload and navigate all the Media content within the platform. Once you have begun uploading content, those videos will be listed here.

Going into a video will provide options relating to that specific video, including sharing methods and video descriptions. You can also navigate to that specific video’s analytics from this edit page.

Browse through all your content with our search and filter functions within the Library.


Channels provides an easy way for you to create a branded website for a playlist of videos.

Just like individual Media, you can embed a Channel that houses multiple videos. This makes adding fresh content to your websites as easy as uploading a new Media Asset and assigning it to a Channel.

If your Media Asset is an egg, a Channel is the carton you ship them in!


Share your Videos in style with beatiful branded theme pages. Customers on paid plans can remove Viostream branding for a completely white labelled experience. Create multiple themes for your business with a Team or Business plan.


So you’ve created videos and sent them out into the world; but how do you know if people are actually engaging with your content?

The Reports tab is your one-stop-shop for an analytical overview of how your videos are being used. There is a wealth of information you can access within this tab, such as; play count, play rate, viewer location, engagement time, top viewed media and heat map.

There’s a lot of value to be hand when you are aware of how effective and engaging your videos are, so don’t forget to keep an eye on your analytics to keep on top of your growth!


The Settings tab allows you to manage all of your personal and organizational settings, including Workspace themes, user access, security and billing.