Set Up Your Brand

Make your videos pop with a customized share page

Viostream themes are a great way to easily share videos on a page that fits with your branding. The following video is a quick walkthrough of how to get started:

Set up your brand

First, access the Settings menu and select the Themes tab. From here, you can either create a new Theme, or edit your default Theme.

Available customizations

The following elements can be changed to suit your brand:

  • Add your logo to the top of the page
  • Page background and font color
  • Player colors
  • Display/hide the media title, description and applause button
  • Starter plans and above - remove the Viostream branding

Multiple themes

Free and Starter plans include a single customizable themes. Upgrade to a Team plan or higher and you’ll get multiple themes to tweak your branding across different parts of your organization.