Running your Event

Available for Viostream plans: Professional Enterprise

Host and control your content

Director Mode

Screenshot of the event director controls

Event States

Once your Event has been setup and you are ready to control the Event State, click on the red Director button.

A new page will open with the three Event States; Pre, During, and Post. Underneath these three large rectangles, you will have a Set button. By clicking on this button, you will control which state the published Event page will be displaying in real time. Use this feature to swap from the Pre state to the During state just as your Event starts, and from the During state to the Post state as the Event ends.

The During state will also have a second green button labeled Start Broadcast. You will need to click this button before switching the Event State to During. Analytics also start recording once the broadcast has begun.

Once your Event has concluded, we recommend to switch to Post state before clicking the red End Broadcast button.


During your live stream, you may also want to host slides alongside the video feed. To import a slideshow from your drive, click Upload slide deck and select either a PowerPoint (pptx) file or a PDF.

There are two main windows for viewing slides: Cued and Audience. The Cued window will show you what the next slide in your presentation will be, while the Audience window will tell you which slide the viewers are currently seeing. Use the Push cued slide button to push the currently Cued slide into Audience.

Screenshot of the event director controls

Underneath these two Slide windows, you will be able to see the Available Slides within your slideshow document. Timeline records the history of previously pushed Slides.

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