User Management

Available for these roles: Admin

Create and control as many user profiles as you want within your Viostream account

User management is part of the account management section in the Viostream platform. Here, users can be created, updated and deleted.

On the Account management/Users tab you can view all of your existing users, including their status and when they last logged in.

Create a user

You can create new users on the Account Management page.

  1. From the top navigation menu click on the cog icon .
  2. Select the Users tab.
  3. In the top right of the screen, click on the + Add button.
  4. On the pop-up window insert an email, first name, surname and choose a role for the new user.
  5. Click on Save.

An email will be sent to the user containing their login instructions.

Note: a user’s email address must be unique across the entire Viostream platform. If you wish to add a user who already has a Viostream account (for example a contractor or a secondee), you can append a plus to their email address in order to make it unique (e.g.

Edit a user

You may edit a user’s first name, surname and role. Editing a user’s email address is not supported.

  1. Navigate to the Account management / Users tab.
  2. Click on the name of the user you want to edit.
  3. Make the required changes.
  4. Click Update.

To change a user’s role, simply select the dropdown under the relevant account, and select a new role. Changes to roles are applied automatically.

Unsuspend a user

For security reasons, a user may be suspended if they enter and incorrect password too many times. Users will be automatically unsuspended after 15 minutes, or feel free to contact Customer Success if you need to arrange for urgent unsuspension.

Delete a user

Deleting users is permanent and cannot be undone. All media and audit data for the user will be retained. If you wish to reinstate the user, you can simply add them again.

  1. Navigate to the Account management / Users tab.
  2. Locate the user you wish to remove and click their name.
  3. Click Delete this user.
  4. Double check the name of the user you are deleting, and click “Yes”.

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