What URLs do end viewers use to access content?

Domains below may need to be whitelisted by your IT department

Depending on your network security settings, you may need to whitelist domains to access viostream content (all served over port 443).

  • api.app.viostream.com
  • app.viostream.com
  • cdn.app.viostream.com
  • cdn2.app.viostream.com
  • hub.app.viostream.com
  • image.app.viostream.com
  • media.app.viostream.com
  • play.viostream.com
  • publish.viostream.com
  • *.publish.viostream.com
  • s.viostream.com
  • sites.app.viostream.com
  • thumbnailer.app.viostream.com

Live content may also be served from the following domains:

  • *.akamaihd.net
  • *.live.viostream.com

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