Channel Audience Controls

Gate your viewer audience with viewer registration for your Channel

By default, newly created Channels do not have Audience Controls assigned and can be accessed publicly when shared.

To control your audience, you can turn on Viewer Sign-In for your Channel with these simple steps.

  1. Click into an existing Channel from your library.
  2. Click the Audience tab at the top.
  3. If your Channel is public, click Enable viewer sign-in.
  4. There will be two sign-in options to select:
    1. Anybody can sign in and access this channel’s videos Viewers can register via email to access the Channel.
    2. Viewers will need to be invited before they can sign-in Viewers need to be invite by an admin user to access the Channel.

Turning on viewer sign-in will allow individual viewer activity to be tracked and reported on in the Channel’s Reports menu.

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