Channel Sections

Use Sections to organize the content on your Channels.

If you created a Gallery template, you can create additional Sections that host separate videos from your library. This allows you to organize video series in a focused page within the Channel.

To create a new Section, follow these steps:

  1. Click into an existing Template from your Channels library.
  2. You will be taken to the Dashboard. From here either select the Content tab at the top or the Manage Channel Media tab at the bottom.
  3. To the left under All Media, you will see the Sections menu. Click New.
  4. Name your section and click Save.
  5. Your new section will be created. Add new videos as per our previous article.
  6. To navigate between Sections in a Gallery Template, simply select the Section name on the left.

Screenshot of the Sections functionality

Your Sections will be available within your shared Gallery template and can be opened by viewers by selecting the Section name from within the Channel.

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