Media Asset Overview

Available for these roles: Admin Publisher Creator

Everything you need to manage your Media Asset can be accessed by navigating to the Library, locating your asset and clicking on its Title.


When selecting a Media Asset, you will be greeted with the Media Detail screen. This is where you can view and edit the metadata for this Media Asset, such as its title, description, and tags.


Available for Professional Enterprise Viostream plans

The Access tab allows you to control how the Media Asset can be accessed. For more information, see the article on securing your media.


The Accessibility tab allows you to edit and publish captions that have been generated for you using automated speech recognition. You can also order premium captions and transcripts, upload your own captions and transcripts, and edit the titles of your audio tracks (if your Media Asset has more than one audio track).


The Thumbnails tab allows you to manage the thumbnail that will be displayed in the Player before a viewer clicks play.


The Chapters tab enables you to create Chapters (navigation points) in your Media Asset for easy navigation by your viewers.

Calls to Action

Available for Professional Enterprise Viostream plans

The Calls to Action tab enables you to manage Calls to Action. These are time-based overlays (either text or images) that provide links to external sites. This enables you to drive traffic to your landing pages and create an interactive experience with the viewer.


Available for Professional Enterprise Viostream plans

The Slides tab enables you to add and synchronize a slide pack to your Media Asset. This slide deck can then be displayed along side your Media Asset using our Events feature.

Registered Viewers

The Registered Viewers tab provides a report of all viewers who have played or completed watching this Media Asset on either an Event or a Site.

Other Media Asset Features

Below the Media Preview panel are a range of options to share your Media Asset. You can use the Replace button to upload a replacement file without having to update any of your embed codes or lose any of your data.