Adding Media to a Channel

Assign multiple videos to your Channel Templates to populate your content pages

After creating a new Channel Template the next step will be to add your video content. The videos available for your Channel Template will be pulled from your library, so make sure you have already uploaded your desired videos into Viostream.

Once your videos have uploaded successfully, it’s time to add them into your Channel Template.

  1. From the Channels tab, click into your desired Channel Template.
  2. You will be taken to the Dashboard. From here either select the Content tab at the top or the Manage Channel Media tab at the bottom.
  3. The content page is where you manage your Channel’s videos. Click Add Media.
  4. Click the plus icon next the video you would like to add to bring it into the Channel Template. You can also search your Library with the search bar at the top.
  5. Once you have added all your desired videos, close the browsing window with the Cross on the top right.
  6. Your added videos will be displayed in the All Media box. Click and drag each video to customize the order.
  7. If creating Sections in the Gallery Template, repeat the same steps to add videos into each section.

Your videos will now be displayed when you share your Channel Template.

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