Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

How Viostream delivers lightning-fast video to your viewers

Viostream uses a technology called HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) to give your audience the best possible viewing experience. The Viostream player automatically adjusts the bitrate of your video to best suit every viewer’s device and internet connection.

When a viewer’s internet connection is poor, the player will serve a more compressed version of your video, ensuring that smooth playback continues and buffering is avoided. When the connection improves, the player will automatically increase the quality, giving the viewer the sharpest playback experience.

By using adaptive bitrate streaming, Viostream is able to seamlessly stream video to desktop, tablet and mobile.

Bitrate Presets

Viostream has configured you account to use default presets that are designed to deliver a quality viewing experience across all playback conditions.

Quality Width Height Video bitrate Audio bitrate
1080p 1920px 1080px 5Mbps 96 Kbps
720p 1280px 720px 2.5Mbps 96 Kbps
540p 960px 540px 1.5Mbps 96 Kbps
432p 768px 432px 0.9Mbps 96 Kbps
288p 512px 288px 0.6Mbps 96 Kbps

If you would like to adjust the presets for your account, please contact Customer Success.


When you upload a video to Viostream it is converted into HLS, with multiple copies (renditions) corresponding to the bitrate settings on your account. Please note that video quality is not upscaled - for example if you upload a 720p video, the maximum bitrate available will be 720p.

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