Available Widgets

Available for Viostream plans: Professional Enterprise

Extra features for your Events Page

Add Widgets into your Event page to gain access to certain functions and features that you may be interested in. These can be placed within three locations of the Events page:

  • Tab
  • Right
  • Below

Pigeonhole Live

A popular Widget to incorporate, Pigeonhole Live adds a chatbox into the Event page. Q&A’s, discussions, and general audience interaction are commonly desired.


Similar to Pigeonhole Live, Slido also incorporates viewer interaction. It is particularly useful when polls would like to be run, or to organize audience questions efficiently.


Stackla is a UGC platform for visual content that branded companies can’t genuinely create themselves. Create collages and visual interest using this platform within the Events page.


Australian run Snapforms allows you to create online forms for things like surveys, bookings, payments, etc.

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