Upgrading your old player

We've updated to a brand new player! Here is how to access it

Viostream has released their next-generation Player framework, which provides many benefits:

  • Increase the loading speed of Players globally
  • Enable new features, like playback speed control & social sharing
  • Enable easier future integrations
  • Improved Channel embeds (video playlists)
  • Improved & easier to use Player customization

How to Upgrade

Upgrading is easy; simply navigate to your existing Players and you will see your old Players indicating they are ‘Ready for Upgrade’.

If you click on these Players, they will present you with information regarding the recent usage of the individual Players themselves to better help you understand their usage. Also, you will be able to preview the upgraded Player side by side with the old Player.

When you are happy to proceed, simple click on Let’s preview the upgraded Player. This will show you a side by side comparison of your settings applied to both old and new players. To complete the upgrade, click Upgrade this player. No updating of embed codes on websites is required.

Legacy Player Sunset

All legacy Players will be upgraded to the next-generation Player on the 17th June.

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