Using the advanced footer editor

Build great looking footers with our flexible HTML and CSS editor

Viostream provides functionality to add basic footers to your Themes and Channels, including links to your other sites and some basic customization.

If you need more customization, our advanced footer editor gives you direct access to both HTML and CSS, with Bootstrap 5 support to make it easy for you to build a great-looking, responsive footer that aligns with your corporate branding.

To access the advanced editor, simply click the Use Advanced editor link in the basic editor. Note: once you switch to the advanced editor, you can’t switch back!

Once in the editor, you can add your HTML and CSS to the relevant tabs.

Screenshot of HTML and CSS code inside the advanced footer editor.

In order to make styling your footer easy, we have included Bootstrap 5 - the world’s most popular framework for building responsive, mobile-first sites.

We strongly recommend using Bootstrap’s grid to ensure that your footers look great on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Of course, you can use the CSS editor to add additional customizations on top of Bootstrap.

Please reach out via the Live Chat if you need any help with your footers!


For security reasons, we don’t process any <script> tags you add into your footer. If feel that there is functionality missing that requires you to add some custom Javascript, please reach out via the Live Chat and we’ll see how we can help.

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