How do I secure an Event or Site with Azure AD?

Part 1 - Viostream setup

  1. From the Events Library or Sites Library, locate the Event or Site you wish to secure and click on its title.
  2. Click the access tab
  3. Click Enable Viewer Registration
  4. Click SAML Login
  5. Take a note of the ACS URL for the next steps.

Part 2 - Azure AD setup

  1. Log in to Azure AD
  2. Click the Enterprise Applications tab
  3. Click New Application
  4. Select Non-gallery application
  5. Type a name for the application (e.g. Viostream) and click Add
  6. Click Set up single sign-on
  7. Click SAML
  8. Click Edit next to Basic SAML Configuration
  9. Enter Viostream as the Entity ID
  10. Enter the ACS URL you copied from Viostream into the Reply URL box
  11. Click Save
  12. Copy the Login URL, Logout URL and Thumbprint back into Viostream, and click save.

Your Site will now be secured with Azure AD. For more detailed information on configuration, please consult Microsoft’s documentation.

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